Saturday, August 30, 2008

Libertarian Sarah Palin

I like her more than McCain, Obama and Biden put together. It is time to put a libertarian in the White House.

The libertarian VP candidate
by David Harsanyi on August 29, 2008

… or, rather, as libertarian as you can hope for on a major ticket.

For Republican nominee John McCain, there are a numerous potential political downsides and upsides to choosing a relative unknown for VP. But stepping outside the horserace aspects of 2008, Palin is the most libertarian Republican that’s been on a major ticket for a long time. This ideological storyline should appeal to many Western voters.

Yes, Palin is pro-life and yes, she’s made a huge mistake by supporting windfall taxes on oil companies. But she was a tireless reformer against government waste in a state that is famous for it. She, after all, shut down the Bridge to Nowhere.

Palin sued the Federal government over its outrageous listing of the polar bear as a threatened species. She is an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment. Her views on the Drug War are more reasonable than most in Washington. Her framing of cultural issues is far less divisive and strident than some of what we hear coming from the hard social right.

Libertarians around the net:

Palin, an inspired choice.

Nice round up here:

Libertarian reactions to Sarah Palin pick

Even the guys at Lew Rockwell's LRC Blog seem to warm to her. Either hell has frozen over or she is one extraordinary individual.

The more I read the more I like her. It is about time. Sphere: Related Content

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