Saturday, February 28, 2009

Neophyte in The White House

Barack Obama surrounding himself with spivs and chancers

Andrew Bolt has the scoop on Obama from the land downunder.

So for those impressed more by words and racial symbols than performance, the most unqualified president since before even John F. Kennedy remains above the kind of vicious media criticism routinely heaped on Bush.

But how loudly would the people who cheer Obama have screamed if Bush had, for instance, surrounded himself with this extraordinarily long list of spivs and chiselers?

He goes on to list Tom Daschule, Nancy Killefer, Timothy Geithner, & Hilda Solis.

Hmm. What is it about Big Government Democrats that they so hate paying the taxes they impose on others? And we haven't finished with that list, either.

Obama's first choice as Commerce Secretary, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, had to quit to fight grand jury charges of selling favors.

The Neophyte in the White House...

Not being able even to pick a clean team would be embarrassing enough - proof that the neophyte in the White House has run nothing in his life but an election campaign - but worse is that Obama actually promised to transform Washington with "the most sweeping ethics reform in history . . ."

He would take on "the issue of money in politics", ensure that lobbyists "will not work in my White House", and never let influence-peddlers "build relationships with members of my administration based on how much they can spend".

Ah, who you are going to believe: Obama's smooth tongue or his list of new appointees?

Check that list: among the some 150 staff assigned by Obama to government agencies before Inauguration Day were dozens of former lobbyists.

Click the link and read the whole article. It sums up the Messiah's first month rather well. I wonder what would the press reaction be if Bush had started out this way. I also wonder when our slobbering press will begin to even notice.

This guy has never run a damn thing in his life. Now he is running our country into the groud. Big Government here we come.

I don't see a way that he can't fail. No man alive could take on as many projects and hope to achieve them. He is setting himself up to fail and he will do so in a grand fashion. I don't expect the media to blame him or even take notice. It is all George Bush's fault. Sphere: Related Content

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