Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where is the new JFK we expected? - London's Guardian

From Jonathan Freedland in The Guardian:

Where is the new JFK we expected?

beleaguered as he is by rising opposition from both left and right at home, even the first muttered grumbles that the 44th president might turn out to be neither a new FDR nor a JFK, but a JEC - Jimmy Carter. To cap it all, the Europeans are refusing to bow down before him.

Instead, he and Brown stand together, supposedly the representatives of Anglo-American turbocapitalism, struggling to push the statist French and Germans - and this is the bit that was in nobody's script - leftward.

Looks like the bloom is off the rose both in the colonies and across the pond.

And to assure you it is still The Guardian comes this:

The explanation lies not so much in the fact that Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy lead parties of the right, while Obama and Brown speak for the centre-left.

Obama is center-left? For the love of God. I don't even think he fits that definition in Europe. Sphere: Related Content

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