Sunday, July 26, 2009

Henry Gates to Suppress Proof that Crawley is a Racial Profiling Racist Pig.

Obama was an idiot to get involved. His public opinion has taken a hit, as well as the notion that he is the first “post racial candidate” (much less post partisan, which died an early death). It isn’t just in public opinion where he took a hit; it also appears he took the wrong side in terms of the facts. That is why he is giving the mea culpa to Crowley and begging the press to make it go away.

Consider this though:

Gates' legal team argues that authorities are misrepresenting the professor and the officer, and Gates has said he is determined to keep the issue alive despite the charges being dropped.

"This is not about me; this is about the vulnerability of black men in America," he said this week.

Ogletree said Gates might sue the department and would bring forward witnesses who say they've had similar experiences with Crowley.

When asked for examples, Ogletree said only that they may come out in time depending on how the police department handles the situation moving forward.

"I think you will be hearing much more complex and different perspective on him [Crowley] in the coming days and weeks," Ogletree said, alleging that Crowley "is well-known among people, particularly young people, for some of his police practices."

So here we have a case where Gates claims to have evidence that Crowley is a racial profiling racist. That is what I read into it. They have witnesses willing to testify and evidence that he is a racial profiling racist. As of today it appears they are going to drop any of those claims as long as the Gates matter is put to sleep. And mind you, they still haven't released the tapes. Sgt. Crowley had an open mic, and I believe all of that stuff is taped. I think the tapes will vindicate Crowley and make Gates look bad. To the date of this post, they still haven’t released the tapes, which are supposed to be a public record accessible to all.

Fancy taking Gates and his legal team at their word for a moment. They claim to have evidence that Crowley is a racial profiling racist. Why would they drop such a case? For the common good doesn’t a veteran and historian of the civil rights movement like Gates have the responsibility to expose what his legal team has found? In their own admission, they already had people willing to testify.

I don’t think Crowley is a bad cop myself. But they say they have evidence that he is a bad cop. At least that is what they said until Obama did his best to shut down the investigation.

If Gates actually had such proof, he would have a moral right to expose the corruption. In that case it really wouldn’t be about him, it would be about getting a corrupt cop off the streets. His lawyers said they have proof.

What if Gates does have proof that Crowley is a racist?

What if he puts that away and doesn’t proceed on the case because it is not in his personal interest? What type of civil rights icon does that make?

Personally, I think Gates is a liar and a fraud, and this situation has outed him greatly. But if you think he is telling the truth, why would he not go after a man that is known to discriminate?

Steyn On Obama (Gates)

Mark Steyn: Obama knows 'stupidly' when he doesn't see it

When Sgt. Crowley announced through the glass-paneled front door that he was here to investigate a break-in, Gates opened it up and roared back: "Why? Because I'm a black man in America?"

Gates then told him, "I'll speak with your mama outside." Outside, Sgt. Crowley's mama failed to show. But among his colleagues were a black officer and a Hispanic officer. Which is an odd kind of posse for what the Rev. Al Sharpton calls, inevitably, "the highest example of racial profiling I have seen." But what of our post-racial president? After noting that "'Skip' Gates is a friend" of his, President Obama said that "there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately." But, if they're being "disproportionately" stopped by African American and Latino cops, does that really fall under the category of systemic racism? Short of dispatching one of those Uighur Muslims from China recently liberated from Gitmo by Obama to frolic and gambol on the beaches of Bermuda, the assembled officers were a veritable rainbow coalition. The photograph of the arrest shows a bullet-headed black cop – Sgt. Leon Lashley, I believe – standing in front of the porch while behind him a handcuffed Gates yells accusations of racism. This is the pitiful state the Bull Connors of the 21st century are reduced to, forced to take along a squad recruited from the nearest Benetton ad when they go out to whup some uppity Negro boy.

Steyn is one of my favs. The man makes me laugh. Another man I have been reading lately is Robert Stacy McCain. Now there is one McCain I would have taken pride in voting for.

The coverage of Gates in the press overshadowed his press confrence on health care. The death spiral kept spinning until Obama stepped in again to quell the storm. I think he may be successful in making the situation go away. In his press conference he pretty much asked the press to stop. He also contacted both parties and asked to have a beer with them.

I hope that Crawley brings his mother this time, as requested. I think Gates was mad about not being able to see her once they were outside as he predicted. Sphere: Related Content


Jeff said...

Shakes - What happen to Mr. Gladney was despicable. Just so you know, I tried to comment on your 8/7 Gladeny post but the "comments" page is disabled.

As for this post on Crawley. Crawley was entirely in the right. Gates and the President owe Crawley an appology for what they said. I also think you're right about Obama lossing some of his shine. His willingness to side with a friend and say something foolish without having the facts, in a racially charged matter, has not set well with many who thought he might really be a post racial candidate. I'm not so sure about that anymore. I welcome discussions of race but it is difficult to do if it doesn't include a discussion of responsiblity. And usually responsibilty discussions are not popular and generate personal attacks and name calling, hence the debate goes nowhere.

As for Steyn. I like his work as well. He is one of the best.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comment. I've been blogging since late 2005 and enjoy it. Finding time is always the issue but I try to keep up when I can.

I like your blog as well. Nice design. As for content, you seem reasonable, messurably prudent in what your write, and you write very well. I will be following your posts.

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Thank you for your compliments Jeff.

I will try to figure out what I did to disable the comments. It might just be some glitch in the system.