Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Terrorists on Trial

I can't help but thinking that the liberals in power want a conservative federal Judge to preside over the terrorist hearings. The last thing they want is a liberal activist judge. Think about that.

They don't want one of their own kind that they like to appoint because of the damage that could be done.

Liberals want KSM to hang as much as we do, they just want it done in the nice and neat US Justice System. If they get an activist Judge that they appointed, he could throw out the whole of the evidence based upon tourture.

The last thing they want is these guys to walk. It would be a disaster for America.

Thinking through that vein, it could be a constitutional crisis. Imagine if they threw out the case against KSM. Many people would not be able to accept KSM, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks going free. They would take action. It could be bloody. The liberals seem to think the death penalty or life in jail is a lock. I don't share their optimism. Anything can happen in our legal system, and I don't like taking things to chance.

They say they roll judges, but I doubt they will roll this one at random. I bet 10-1 that a conservative judge gets this case because that is what we all need. This should not be a trial on torture or the Bush White House. It needs to be a trail of terrorists that killed thousands of people.

If done poorly, this could be the dry powder keg that could explode. You simply can't let these people go for any reason. Sphere: Related Content

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Jeff said...

The whole thing of trying them in NY is a waste of time and money. Obviously the Obama administration accepts Military Commissions as legitimate in this case. A group of terrorist are going to be tried by Commission. Why split the terrorists up? Why spend all the extra money and risk a major blow up with a trail in NY. Not wise at all.

However, I actually don't suspect any problem convicting them as much as the possibility of damaging our intelligence community or running the risk of some type of attack. All of the terrorits we captured should be tried by Military Commissions. All of this, including the executions, can be done at GITMO.