Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Death of a President

I saw this movie tonight for the first time. I couldn't imagine seeing it at the time it was in cinemas or was on the new release wall. I chuckled at Blockbuster when I rented it because I could only imagine what would happen if a conservative made an identical movie today.

After watching it I feel the same way. It wasn't poorly done but I think it could have been better. It was slow. I would not recommend it. It did win some awards. I doubt a movie about killing Obama would win any awards.

The director was interviewed in the bonus section of the DVD and he was so excited when they came up with the idea of killing George Bush. Imagine how a conservative would be portrayed if he acted with glee at the notion of making a realistic film showing Obama's death. No epistemic closure there.

And the movie is portrayed as even handed, but they sink all the left wing issues in. The real victim in the movie is a Muslim who is found guilty of racial profiling, just because he trained at an Al Queada terrorist camp. One quote was "Just because he went to the wrong summer camp".

And the aftermath is horrible still, because Dick Cheney becomes President and then enact "Patriot Act III" which gives the government more power for the police state.

Many liberals hate the police state. I saw thousands of them protest George W. Bush. The Patriot Act authorized people looking into library records. I never saw anyone convicted or persecuted from library records. That doesn't make it right. I don't want the government to be able to access my library records, while even in theory I am going to the government library. That is the sticky part, the government already has your library records, because the government owns the library.

But most on the left have no problem with our system of income taxation. You have to report all your sources of income to the government, which in great detail is your life...much more than your library records. You bank account has your social security number attached and is reported to the government, and credit card companies have given the government leeway with your files for quite some time.

When it comes to checking out books liberals get defensive, when it comes to making or spending money liberals think the government should play. Not all liberals, but many of them. You could be avoiding taxes! So banks are required to report suspicious transactions as well as credit card companies. And then you have the IRS, which will now make sure you have health insurance or they will fine you. Let alone the health records that government health care entails. And many liberals were complaining about library books!

I think that someday we will yearn for the day that all people worried about was library records.

The government tracks all political activity. If you donate to a candidate, campaign finance laws dictate that we must have a record. As Prop 8 in California has taught us, that can lead to consequences. Eightmaps.com told everyone your address if you gave money and people lost their jobs.

Think of a society where the government has a monopoly on education. We have that right now. The government is in charge of teaching everyone what is right. Think of a society where all your political activity is actively monitored by the government. We have that right now. Think of a society where all the money you make must be reported and the source of that income must be reported as well. We have that right now. You even have to report you retirement accounts, and they have floated taxing and taking those too. They want to know what you have and once they know they can angle on getting some of that.

Liberals were pissed about library records from a library already owned by the government. It is funny. Truth be told, I am pissed about library records. I don't want the government to look at those records. But if you look at what we already have to give them it is minuscule. I want liberals that were pissed about library records to join with me and demand independence for other freedoms. Freedoms in education, income and political activity. Why shouldn't we be free to do those things?

If you agree with me you may be an extremist. Welcome to the lunatic frindge. I just had several shots of rum, so excuse my blather. Sphere: Related Content

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