Sunday, August 22, 2010

Malathion Will Kill Your Bed Bugs!

I would like to preface this post with a disclaimer: Using Malathion indoors is not allowed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. I don't want to advocate breaking US Law in a way that could get me into trouble. So this post is for all of my readers who live outside of the United States. For those readers, I would advocate that thy buy some Malathion and use it to kill their bed bugs.


I bought some today that looks like this:

Ortho makes some that looks like this:

Malathion is BETTER THAN DDT!

Here is a Scientific Study of Malathion & Bedbugs. It compares Malathion to DDT.
The conclusion? Malathion will kill all of your Bedbugs!

The World Health Organization advocates using Malathion against Bedbugs.

Table 4.1
Residual insecticides for use against bedbugs
Insecticide Concentration in spray (%)
malathion 2.0
fenitrothion 0.5–1.0
propoxur 2.0
carbaryl 1.0
diazinon 0.5
bendiocarb 0.2–0.3
fenchlorvos 1.0
pirimiphos methyl 1.0
propetamphos 0.5–1.0
permethrin 0.5
cyfluthrin 0.01
deltamethrin 0.005
lambdacyhalothrin 0.005

On May 12th, of 2000, The New York Times reported that the E.P.A. Finds Malathion Poses Low Risk

Here is a letter to the Editor to the New York Times from Gilbert L. Ross,ROSS, M.D.

It is dated May 16, 2000 and it notes that Gilbert Ross is "medical director of the American Council on Science and Health".

As a public health scientist, I applaud you for pointing out that malathion poses ''no health threat to people'' (news article, May 12).

In its new report, the Environmental Protection Agency, generally no friend to pesticides, agrees with the overwhelming body of scientific evidence. While malathion is possibly a threat to mice at very high doses, the trace levels to which New Yorkers would be exposed via spraying should cause no alarm.

Why then do we still hesitate to use our most potent weapon to prevent the recurrence of a potentially lethal mosquito-borne epidemic? Could it be because of pressure from activist groups, whose agendas are based on unfounded fear, not science?


New York, May 12, 2000

The writer is medical director of the American Council on Science and Health.

More Times Articles:

Pesticide Spray Is Said to Pose Almost No Risk To Humans (1999)

Malathion, a pesticide commonly used in mosquito control programs, is the compound that the city Department of Health is using in aerial spraying to stop the spread of encephalitis. First registered in the United States in 1956, malathion is one of the most widely used home and garden pesticides and is also used to control pests in agriculture, according to reports from the Internet site of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Dr. Neal L. Cohen, the city's Health Commissioner, released a prepared statement yesterday that said that the spraying ''poses virtually no health risk to humans or pets.''

THE BIG CITY; Public Beliefs, Global Politics And Pesticides

How about this one from 1986?

Q&A (1986)

Q. Is the jingle ''Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!'' just a silly rhyme, or do bed bugs really exist?

A. Dr. Stanley G. Green, an entomologist with the Pennsylvania State University Extension Service, said there is an entire family of insects called bed bugs that feed on the blood of birds and animals. These insects are oval, chestnut brown in color, flattened from top to bottom, and about one-fourth of an inch in length. The common bed bug, Cimex lectularius L., attacks man. Bed bugs are active only at night, usually just before dawn, Dr. Green said. When only a few bed bugs are present, they live close to human sleeping areas, he said, but when numerous they can be found in many rooms of the house. Their bite produces irritating itching and burning sensations. The insects feed rapidly, becoming engorged in less than 10 minutes. The act of biting is not usually felt, but later there is an allergic reaction to the protein found in the bed bug's saliva. A colorless lump develops at the bite location. Discomfort from bed bug bites may last a week or more. To get rid of them, Dr. Green suggests using malathion or pyrethrin insecticide in upholstered furniture, cracks and crevices in floors, walls, baseboards, in the seams of mattresses and bed coils, and behind wall pictures and loose wallpaper.

Not only does Dr. Green suggest using Malathion, he suggests spraying it all over the place...cracks and crevices, on your furniture, on the floors and walls, on your mattress! Dr. Green wants you to spray the holy hell out of your place with Malathion and you will be just fine.

Malathion was banned in 1996 for INDOOR use. It is still used outdoors and it is still available for purchase at Lowes, The Home Depot, other department stores, and even on the internet. I do not sell Malathion, nor do I own stock in any company that makes or sells Malathion.

To recap:

Malathion was developed in the 1950s and used for decades.

Malathion is more effective than DDT against Bed Bugs. It is probably the most effective chemical pesticide against Bed Bugs that we have.

The Who Health Organization recommends Malathion against Bed Bugs.



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Manod said...

Malathion does work well on killing everything.

Anonymous said...

And if you're not careful. It can kill you too. how ridiculous to suggest chemicals are safe.

Anonymous said...

I've used Malathion for fleas (for which it works quite well). The only problem is that it stinks.

Jessica said...

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Anonymous said...

oh ya it works well!a retired marine once told me to use it on underside of trailer home and yard for flies...and i took it apon myself to use it indoors to before i left for the day. no bug bites after that . recently i used it for bed bugs all nooks and crannys and under cupboards behind appliances and especially carpets.also bought a good ozark trails airbed from wally world .no sign of bugs any where .also washed all clothing and turned funtiture over and sprayed it .days later it used hot shot bed bug spray,got it at menards home improvement store,if you dont have one where you live try typing it in online.i used mask on my face and manually sprayed it on all carpet before i went to work for day ,it also kills the eggs.i see now that they have foggers also ,going to do that next weekend just to be sure and then i figure every 6 monthes till this bedbug thing passes again like it did years ago.

critterridder said...

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russell.j.coller.jr said...

NUCLEAR ARMAGEDDON on the poor little critters. $10 worth of any brand name outdoor strength / diluted from the local yokel hardware store --- spray around the baseboards, let the room air out -- AND BOOM! nada / zilch / gone!!! The EPA and the extermination industry frowns upon $10 solutions of expired patent stuff. I'm now sleeping like a baby. NOT ONE SINGLE BITE since.

zethfox said...

did my first treatment using malathion 57% mixed 1 part mala to 9 parts water in spray bottles.
confirmed: malathion worked.
my face didn't melt off, I didn't end up brain dead, no babies were harmed in the treatment, my cats are alive and well.
been apparently bedbug free since the application on the 24th of july. haven't found a single living bedbug since, in any of the locations i was able to find them for the last 9 months.

I post the mix amount i used with success because no one else on the entire internet cared to explain how much to use and how.
malathion 57% from your local lawn and garden place. mixed 1mala/10water,
applied wearing gloves and a face mask to EVERYTHING, and i mean EVERYTHING.
shut off my ac unit first as a precaution because of some random mumbo jumbo i read about it getting in the crawl space and concentrating, which i now believe is just BS spit out to keep you from using it indoors.

turned the electric off and lightly misted even my computer and tv.

took extra care to soak my bed, after placing the covers and sheets in a plastic bag for later cleaning at a local laundromat in the ghetto.

took extra care to spray the parameters of all the rooms, all seats, couches, sofas, and tables, and drawers which i emptied all the clothing into large plastic bags for cleaning at a laundromat later inside, under, on top, on bottom EVERYTHING.

lightly misted the entire floor of each room walking from furthest corner to the door, closing each room as they were considered 100% sprayed.

sprayed in all cabinets after emptying all the cans and food into bag to donate to red cross food drive <-this was done before i started while i still had ac.
throw away your toothbrush and spray the entire bathroom.

sprayed the entire tiled floor of my house, soaked the carpeted areas in my rooms.

about the cats, i have a disconnected laundry room where i set up a temp living area for them, it has screened windows, which i left opened.

about you, find a friends house to stay at. not saying you can't live in the house as im not sure. but this stuff literally smells like someone took a crap in the middle of the room.
I was out of my house for 1 and a half days, the windows were opened just enough with window lock thingies to vent but not enough that someone could climb in and rob me.

about laundry, i choose a ghetto coin clean place so i could wash 8 loads and dry them in just under 2 hours.

the smell of malathion goes away after just 3 days, it's "tolerable" after about just a day.

DO NOT GET IT ON YOUR SKIN, this stuff will make you feel weird if you mix it without gloves on or spray it on yourself.

I plan on doing one more full treatment this weekend. thats just about 17 days after the first. the reason for a 2nd treatment is to make sure i kill any bedbug eggs that hatch that somehow escaped my wraith. 15 day egg cycle, so this weekend will be perfect timing to do a 2nd and final treatment.

a full treatment took me about 3 hours to complete. been sleeping like a baby since :)

good luck people, stop suffering, stop trying "epa approved methods" they're total bs.

thank you cesspool, you are my true life saver.

Shakes The Clown said...

Way to go Zeth!


Anonymous said...

You people are ignorant to be using Malathion like it poses no risk to you, just because you don't see it in your immediate use. Malathion is an insidious thing, it's extremely toxic to every kind of creature, including humans. Just because certain doses won't kill you outright doesn't mean it's not happening inside your nervous system. The top 12 neurotoxologists in this country know how bad this stuff is. You people act like it's something you could give a baby. One day years from now when you have Parkinsons or some weird cancer I hope you remember this comment.

Anonymous said...

Bullsheet, spraying a little malathion in you house once every ten years is not going to kill you.

Anonymous said...

Don't pretend to be a scientist and then use editorialized information to imply other scientists are the ones relying on emotional reasoning. This is insane, dont spray ag pesticides in your house, you will create a situation of chronic exposure that could last a year or more.

Anonymous said...

you have to ask yourself - is ridding yourself of bedbugs/fleas - whatever - effectively and in short order, and very cheaply, worth the risk of short term one off exposure to malathion?

Anonymous said...

Malathion is an organophosphate - and can be very dangerous. It is not allowed to be used indoors because it can harm you and can especially harm children. Check out or call the National Pesticide Information Center for more information at 1-800-858-7378

Anonymous said...

interesting debate. I just wonder if all the people proclaiming the toxicity of Malathion realize it is still widely used as both a powder and a dip for fleas and ticks at the rate of 1.0 oz to 1.0gal? its used in many groomers when you ask for a wash and a dip for your dog. I've used it since 87, when I worked as a groomer and practically bathed in the stuff daily ( gloves and aprons do not protect you)

Anonymous said...

I used malathion. I hada relatively small infestation.. i dont know how i got them but i just freaked out when i found them in my couch. I threw EVERYTHING. couches, throws, pillows, books, decorations, everything downstairs.. asked everyone i know about a treatment.. i tried the home depot stuff... i was not sure about it... i waited a cople of days, and Then i found bites on my child.. i was furious.. so went and got the HOLY MALATHION haaaaaa... i used it all over the place. Kitchen, bathroom. Rooms walls everywhere. Closed the rooms everything was locked for 48 hours. Went to a motel for two nights.. (i hate motels) but i m broke now and still i have to buy other furniture. That stuff stinks.. but works like magic.. i have been cleaning everday a little.. put DE in cracks.. that s it. Get some mask aNd do it. Just dont go back to the house right away. Spend at leat two nights outside and let the house air fot at least 12 hours.. get some Banodor from home depot that will kill the smell, spray it around the house three to four times a day and that s it.. bed bugs made my life hell on earth. I hate them. Sleepless night, anxiety, restlessness, anger, poor performance at work... its just miserable.. so i hope i will never see Them again ever. I m still

Nomorebites said...

It works. Used it over a year ago. We had an awful infestation, tried raid bed bug, and others, no luck. Read this article, got the stuff, sprayed both bedrooms, washed everything, put on matress covers. Since they were in the walls I drilled holes and sprayed in there. Problem solved! So grateful to whoever wrote the article, thank you!!!

Nomorebites said...

Update! We are still doing great! No buggers, and my 3 cats and my son and I show no ill effects. Best of luck to all reading this.

Abc said...

What amount you Used?

Jon said...

The stuff stinks, but works. If i live alone, i use it with no ill efect after outfitting my place with secondhand furnishings...but once i got married to a hysterically sensitive individual, i had to change and only buy new, expensive stuff...if you can handle the smell its liberating, if not, well plan to be a chump and pay forever and be bitten forever....if i get an infestation again, i will move out...

Jon said...

Bro, i feel ya! Malathion is a godsend!

RiotStarter said...

No,no,no. I'm suffering from poisoning from this. I have had to throw everything out and stay in my car because it destroyed my house. It's used to create agent orange, no way. I regret it one million percent.

RiotStarter said...

No,no,no. I'm suffering from poisoning from this. I have had to throw everything out and stay in my car because it destroyed my house. It's used to create agent orange, no way. I regret it one million percent.

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Anonymous said...

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