Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Markets In Everything: Revenge Crabs

This site is absolutely hilarious. I don't endorse giving anyone crabs. I am married and have never strayed. If I came down with genital crabs I would be convinced my wife had cheated on me. What a horrible thing to do, but the humor is somewhat delicious on the FAQ page. What a riot.

Revenge Crabs

Also on the web this week is the Yo-Yo Champ that did a tour of Wisconsin television. I don't know if the guy is disturbed of if he is a comic genius...

Fake Yo-Yo Trickster fools TV stations everywhere

If you click that link you have to suffer through all the videos. It is hard to watch, but that guy bombs on every show and gets progressively worse. Made me laugh and cringe at the same time.

Back to the revenge crabs. I laughed my ass off and that is evil. Think of the dinner parties you go to or other social occasions. You pause and go to the bathroom and take out a vial and infect the bed of the hosts (which presumably you don't like) with these genital crabs. When they start itching they both with be blaming the other mate. You could disrupt a marriage. It is pure evil.

Lucky for me I don't go to parties with people I don't like. And even the people I don't like I wouldn't wish crabs on them. If that is a serious business (which it appears to be), that is really something. I can only imagine the real life drama.

Markets in Everthing! Even genital crabs. Sphere: Related Content

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