Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Robert Nisbet Quote I read today...


From Busing’s Boston Massacre

In The Quest for Community, Robert Nisbet wrote that the central crisis of the 20th century is the continuous assault on "natural authority" and community through the state’s progressive invasion into our daily lives. "The alleged disorganization of the modern family is, in fact, simply an erosion of its natural authority, the consequence, in considerable part, of the absorption of its functions by other bodies, chiefly the state." Busing is a perfect example of such a state-sponsored assault on community and family.

Dad used to "bring home the bread" and "put a roof over your head". In the womb to tomb nanny state, the State can give you food stamps and housing vouchers. No need for dad. You can see what has happened to the family.

I think the real cuture war is Married with Children (or had Children) vs. the other. People of all races and creeds that marry and have children tend to share similar values and be more conservative than those who don't. And single women who have kids out of wedlock have the most to gain by joining the Democratic party and supporting their nanny state gravey train. Sphere: Related Content

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