Monday, May 11, 2009

50% of NYC Black Males Are Unemployed

"The President Addresses African-American Unemployment?

Andre Showell, BET Correspondent asked: As the entire nation tries to climb out of this deep recession, in communities of color, the circumstances are far worse. The black unemployment rate, as you know, is in the double digits. And in New York City, for example, the black unemployment rate for men is near 50 percent.

This was a question asked to Obama during a national news conference marking his 100 days in office. I don't know why 100 days deserved another press conference, but the question is interesting.

Is this question playing with the facts? If you google for media reaction, you won't find the news media disputing the facts or backing up the numbers. Are close to 50% of black men in New York City unemployed? Does that include people that are currently incarcerated? How does BET come up with these facts to base the question?

If that is true, it is an unbelievable number of people. Yet the question itself bascially went unquestioned. I am not talking about Obama. He didn't ask the question. It isn't his fault. He answered in a politically corrected way that made people happy. And it isn't Obama's job to be the fact checker for BET. He shouldn't have to correct the questioner. I don't fault Obama.

But what about the question?

In the 2000 census the unemployment rate for black men in NYC was 15.1%. That is high compared to national averages. It is way too high.

The Fiscal Policy Institiute had a study "New York City Unemployment in 2009--The Emerging Crisis" and they pegged black unemployment at 9.2% in 2008.

How did this number spiral to 50%? Or close to 50% And who is to blame? The is one astounding number.

I think that number is exagerated. I think it is played up for political purposes. I think it has little to do with reality. But if I am wrong, we all need to know. If 50% of the black men living in New York City are unemployed, we all need to know. It changes the dynamics.


Is New York City more racist than other parts of the country?

They vote consistently liberal and they are politically liberal to the core. How could this happen in New York City? How could 50% of black men be unemployed in the most convincingly liberal city in America? Cincinnati is sometimes viewed as backward, but we don't even approach those rates.

I don't believe NYC has those unemployment rates for black mean. I think that data does not exist. I think it is politically correct garbage that nobody every responds to out of courtesy.

The City of Cincinnati currently has 25,000 of Ohio's total of 16,165 homeless. Is it possible to have almost double the amount of your total states homeless population? The numbers say so. How can you have that many homeless? One way is to make up statistics.

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