Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dick Durban is an Idiot

I steal from Jay P Greene's blog, and if he wants to he can sue me:

The Washington Post has an excellent forum today on DC vouchers despite Obama and Duncan’s sincere wish that this issue would go away already. A series of folks were asked to provide their thoughts on the controversy, which contains a lot of material for thought and comment.

But for now I’d like to concentrate on what Sen. Dick Durbin, who led the union’s charge to kill D.C. vouchers, had to say:

“Most problematic, the Education Department’s recent report could not show that voucher students are performing better than their public school counterparts.”

After reading this I had to ask myself — is he stupid or lying? Of course, when it comes to an Illinois pol, like Durbin, one doesn’t have to choose. He could be both.

The Education Department’s report not only could show that voucher students are performing better than their public school counterparts; it did show exactly that. Unless we are parsing what the meaning of the word is… is, Durbin’s statement suggests that he either didn’t understand the report or that he is willfully distorting its findings.

Of course, both could be true.

Vouchers will be the next civil rights movement. We need to get the gay thing out of the way and let people live however they want to live and God Bless them. After that agenda it will all become obvious. Vouchers and school choice will become American as Apple f'in pie. The people that don't see this are on the wrong side of history, and soon they will know it. Sphere: Related Content

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