Sunday, May 10, 2009

James Carville Says Dem Control for 40 More Years...

I love to hate James Carville. I think FOX should put him and Hannity on a show together. It would be a cagematch every night. I never thought I would miss Alan Colmes. I think Hannity has attained a level of success where he gets to dictate the shots. People are probably afraid to tell him that some elements of his new show aren't working all that great.

My favorite show for news is Morning Joe on MSNBC. They keep it lively, fast paced and have a nice diversity of opinions and issues.

Not that any of the above blather has anything to do than the Great Satan himself, James Carville:

Excerpt: '40 More Years'

Here is a quote:

When future historians begin to examine the absolutely disastrous events during the term of President Bush, from massive incompetence to blatant falsehoods and the trampling of the Constitution to the savaging of the good name of the United States around the world, they will look for one of these events.

The stealing of the election of 2000 in Florida is going to be a leading qualifier. But it isn't the one to focus on, for several reasons. (After all, there's really nothing that unusual in people resorting to the courts to try to win an election that they didn't win in the first place.)

Two events occurred within a sixty-day time frame that really set the stage for the current state of America and, more to the point, the sorry state of the Republican Party.

As smart as Carville is, I was struck that he is still complaining about the "stolen election" of 2000.

He then goes on to list two "critical" events that "really set the stage for the current state of America". One was a memo which he doesn't even have a copy. The memo said that to win elections your money is better spent rallying your own base than trying to persuade someone else. The other critical thing that happened was the White House leaking that Clintonites leaving had trashed the White House.

I wonder if Carville is guilty of his own logic. When he speaks of the Stolen Election of 2000, isn't that preaching to the choir? Isn't that rallying the base? And if the election was stolen, isn't that a bigger issue than people taking the W keys off of keyboards?

Carville may be right about one thing, it could be a long time coming for the Republicans to regain credibility. They lost 2006 & 2008, and they deserved to lose. Democrats are in power not because they advanced a great agenda or came up with any new ideas, they are in power because they ran against George Bush. It may well be that in a couple of years Obama makes George Bush look pretty good. I never thought I would miss him myself. The new administration has dusted off every old idea on the left and put a new shine on them with Obama's craftsmanship. Once the honeymoon is over and people start feeling the pain I think a day of reckoning will come for the Democrats. At least I can only hope.

I once thought that the Republican Revolution would be great for Democrats because it would clean out the old rubbish and give them new leaders and new ideas for a new century. They have the new leaders, what is missing is the new ideas.

I don't like the fact that the Christian Right is always played up, and I am a Christian. When Christians voted reliably for Democrats it wasn't like there was a huge fear of this country being a theocracy.

What I don't like is how Republicans have become a party of big government. Once you take the limited government and fiscal responsibility aspects of Republicanism out, very little of it appeals to me. It makes the right look like the only thing it stands for is stopping gays from getting married and opposing abortion. That isn't much of a platform.

Republicans should fear the coming demographics of tomorrow. Republicans have been labeled as a White Mans party. People openly call them racist and some of that has stuck. I watched Corey Booker's documentary and people called him Republican as a vicious attack. It sounds like Republican is one of the worst things you can call someone int he black community. People don't slur Republicans, REPUBLICANS IS THE SLUR.

I hear a lot of talk about the Southern Strategy and racist republicans. When that becomes part of the conventional wisdom the party could be in the wilderness for decades. To me perhaps the real Southern Strategy is branding Republicans a bunch of white hate-filled racists. When you look at the way many black people view Republicans it is distrubing. Who wants to be a part of that? Sphere: Related Content

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