Monday, May 25, 2009

No Thanks to the Government Health Care Plantation

Star Parker: No thanks to government health care plantation

Star lets it rip:

First, we already have massive government involvement in health care. Practically half of all health care delivered today comes directly from government programs -- mainly those begun in the 1960's. Medicare, Medicaid, and then later the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

Only 35 percent of health care is paid for through private insurance. Some 87 percent of it is paid for by third parties -- either government or employers. In 1960, 60 percent of Americans' health care expenditures were out of their own pocket. Today it is 12 percent.

Star makes some great points about the government health care we already have in place. You look at the scandal over the VA hospital during the Bush Administration or local scandals about Cincinnati nursing homes and you really have to question government health care. Health care from the same people that give us crappy government schools? Do you want to live next to government housing? I am sure government healthcare is a bad idea indeed. I don't want to move on to that plantation either. I have seen how this ends, and it ain't pretty. Sphere: Related Content

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