Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Political donations and Chrysler

If this is true we all have problems.

We live in a "free country" that made it law that everyone's political activity will be tracked via campaign finance disclosure laws. I always thought it was a bad idea that anyone can find out if you supported a certain candidate. They can look you up on line and see how much you gave. It was only a matter of time until this information got abused.

Eightmaps.com is a good example of this. People were singled out for supporting traditional marriage, and many of them were targeted. If Chrysler dealers were targeted it is a huge problem for this country.

My advice would be to not contribute to political campaigns if you can help it. Keep your name off the lists. Someday you may need a job, a loan, or your company may compete for a government contract. With the government swallowing up the private sector, the odds of that for everyone is going up substantially.

Likewise one should probably think before registering for a political party if you can help it. Information that is held in these databases are accessable to the public. In the new grand state, it is better to live off of the information grid and keep your name off of the lists.

I am glad I don't put my name on this blog. Sphere: Related Content

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