Monday, May 4, 2009


I got an email notice that my blog has been singled out as spam by the blogger super-computer.

If this isn't a sign that I should give up blogging. Some automated classifier has looked at this blog and determined statistically that it is pure garbage.

I thought I had an original thought now and again. The cyber Gods want to put a cyber bullet in my head. Sphere: Related Content


Libertarian Advocate said...

Not to worry, I got the same thing with my first post. Cleared it up quickly. I think suspect that blogger's super spam filtering bots look for long strings of words that have been repeatedly posted in its hosted blogs and are coded to assume that the posting of such content is spammer activity.

Either that or Jacqui Smith has enlisted Obama's help in tracking all email and internet activity so that she can add to her list of U.K. PNGs. Damn, now Savage has me all paranoid....

Paul Walker said...

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